Thursday, 31 January 2008

Enoch walked with God

A few short verses later, though historically many years have passed, we read of Enoch walking with God and then he was gone! Taken away! No longer here! Scripture says he was taken by God. (Gen 5:23-24) The Bible doesn’t say what this walking with God meant, it doesn’t tell us much about Enoch, apart from the fact that he walked with God and then was gone.

I personally believe that Enoch walked with God in the same way that Adam and Eve used to walk with him when they were in the Garden in Eden. For while it is true human beings were banned from the Garden, that did not, and does not prevent God from walking any where through out his creation with his creation. How did God take Enoch? We don’t know, perhaps he took him like he did Elijah with a chariot from heaven. Or perhaps he just walked with God one night into eternity, stepping from one creation into the next. A bit like a scifi movie where someone steps through a portal into another realm....Or perhaps it is just a colloquialism to say he died.

What ever it means, those few verses pack a powerful punch, it speaks a powerful message that breaks up the history of sin, for where up till now only one other person had walked a pleasing walk with God and who had been murdered by his brother, this person lived a Godly life and God took him to himself.

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