Saturday, 26 January 2008

Who can pray

There is one common area within Christendom that all are agreed on; and that is as Christians we are expected to pray. The Scriptures declare many times that we are to do so. Jesus expected us to pray, saying specifically to His disciples, “When you pray.” Three times he repeats himself in a passage in Matthew 6:5-7, and once in Luke 11:2. While we agree that prayer is an important part of our lives, many of us are in confusion as to what prayer really is?
Calvin says of prayer that it,

“…is an intimate conversation of the pious with God”

And indeed there is much to commend within this comment, in that prayer is conversation with our living God. Yet, is Calvin completely correct in his exclusive description that prayer is only for the Christians whom he speaks of? Or is prayer inclusive of all people, made in Gods image to pray, work and seek God.

Do Non - Christians pray as well? Is Castelli right when he says, “That every body prays; whether it be the daily lengthy prayers of the faithful or the non - intentional outburst of non – believers crying out, “God NO!!” when hearing bad news”? What is prayer? How are we to pray? Who can pray? Is there a certain way we should pray?

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