Wednesday, 27 February 2008

The advantages of having boundaries

Today I'm thinking about boundaries and how there are many types; such as physical, emotional, verbal and spiritual boundaries. Some boundaries are good and Godly, others are not.

Yesterday I was talking with the physio about boundaries and how there was a big park in New York that the kids would play together in the middle around the swings, but once they fenced the park the kids starting kicking a ball, playing frisbee etc up to the boundary of the fence.

The reason we give our kids boundaries is to keep them safe and for them to know they are safe. Every parent, or at least most, would teach their children how to cross the road safely and when young watch over them, walking across with them so they know how to cross safely.
God also has given us boundaries to follow, not because he is hard, harsh and uncaring. It's quite the opposite, its because he is loving, merciful, caring that he gives us the boundaries for life, and so that we can safely cross to the other side into eternal life.

The greatest boundary that God has given us is Christ. The God who is the way, the truth and the life. The God who if we come to him, will not cast us away, rather give us eternal life. Many try to live a life breaking free from this boundary, yet the freedom they think they have through not keeping to Gods ways is actually the way of death, destruction and torment.

Christ gives us peace, hope, love, freedom, forgiveness, and true life.

Do the boundaries that you live by, give you this?

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