Saturday, 16 February 2008

The church I see

Over on Sydney Anglicans, Michael Jensen and Craig S blogs there has been much discussion about church and how the church should be involved more in the community.

I have been reading through Isaiah 58 and it is jam packed full of Gods will for us in the world we live in. The church that I would like to pastor would be an Isaiah 58 Church. The Church that I want to belong to is an Isaiah 58 Church and it is the Church that want to see and work towards making it happen.

  1. Loosing Chains of injustice.
  2. Untying the cords that have people yoked.
  3. To set the oppressed free.
  4. To break every yoke.
  5. To share food with the hungry.
  6. To provide the wanderer with shelter.
  7. To clothe the naked.
  8. To empower people to live as God would have them live.
I see a church that would take the command to go into the world and make disciples, taking his word seriously and one that would rely on God for his empowering to do so, with much prayer and fasting.

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