Saturday, 2 February 2008

The Cross

The Cross unites us and divides us.
It unites us with our living God, that is if we believe!
It divides between those who believe and do not!
The repentant sinner on one side, the unrepentant the other.
Its a message of hope for those who are willing to follow the way of the cross.
Its a message of foolishness to those who don't.
Its the greatest foolish story if its a lie.
Its the greatest story of hope, if it is true.
If its a lie we are to be pitied.
If it is true, you those who don't believe are the pitiful ones.
There is nothing moral about the cross if it is a lie.
Its all about morality if it is true.
Was Jesus a liar, was he a lunatic, or just a moral man?
He was none of them, for he himself does not give us that option!
He had to be who he said he was.
What side of the cross do you stand?

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