Friday, 29 February 2008

Do not worry

Yesterday at connect group we continued our Bible Study on faith and the common saying "Just believe or You need to believe in yourself!

The study looked at how we are told not to worry and put our trust in God for all things and that he is the source of us being able to do all things and how we only have to believe in him, not in ourselves.

Tonight while reading devotions with my older boy - we are currently working through Exodus in a children's Bible - we came to the passage about God providing enough manna for every day and they were not to take more than a days worth. Now we know that many did and it spoiled and went maggoty.

Why did they take was because they didn't trust God and worried about the next day.

In the sermon on the mount when Jesus talks about seeking first His Kingdom and His Righteousness and don't worry about tomorrow, the food you eat, clothes you wear etc ...for God will provide for you is a classic reminder to his listeners of what they should have known and put into practice from their knowledge of Moses...

Don't worry, be in the Lord and lean not on your own understandings.

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