Thursday, 28 February 2008

Eberhard Jungel - A Trinitarian Prayer

I came across this prayer tonight.The author wrote them as he was getting a distraught at the lack of Trinitarian worship and recognition within the church.

Dear heavenly Father,

You give us our daily bread. We thank you, and we never cease to
pray: Every morning, give us and all your children everything we
need for our physical lives.

Lord Jesus Christ,
You are the bread of life, come to us from heaven. We praise you, for
you have given yourself to satisfy our hunger for life. We praise you
in our prayer that you nourish our souls and strengthen them with
your Holy Spirit.

God, Holy Spirit,
Come to us, fill us with joy and with lust for life. Renew the hunger in
those who, spiritually and temporally, are tired of life. Fill with
insight those who are greedy, making us see not only where we are
meant to give rather than to take, but also where we can freely take,
freely pray, freely beg. Give us this day our daily bread.


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