Friday, 22 February 2008

Has God called you to preach?

This is an article by Albert Mohler about the way God calls you into a full time preaching ministry.

Basically he says, there are two steps,

  • "If you can do anything else but preach, go and do it for God has not called you into the preaching ministry. But if you have a continual desire to preach, then God has probably called you to do so"
  • Is there an external call or recognition of that call by the congregation or elders in which you serve.
I think it is great that a well known reformed principle of a well known Bible College teaches that there is indeed a subjective calling / gifting and burden by God.

Adrian Warnock says it well, read more here

What really interested me about these posts is the fact that what they both so clearly describe as important, but needing careful handling and testing, seems to me to be indistinguishable from what us charismatics call a prophecy. So tell me, is it really just a matter of semantics? It is surely the case that if we define prophecy to mean the same as Scripture, every true believer would agree that it has ceased. If, on the other hand, we claim there is a range of prophetic experience which includes the subjective sense of God's Spirit communicating to us that Mohler and Dever describe, are there really that many Christians who genuinely believe that such subjective callings from God have stopped?

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