Monday, 4 February 2008

I pray that you may prosper...

There is much angst amongst Christians about the Prosperity Gospel and there should be some about it as it does indeed pervert the true Gospel of our Lord

However much of what I read and hear in Christian circles seems to tar and feather every charismatic and pentecostal with the same brush. I think this is wrong for it is not true. Yes there are some out there who preach a gospel, in that if you come to Jesus and you will get filthy rich. But I think if you were to examine the percentages of those who do so, they are only in the minority. Yet by labling all by the same brush, it creates suspicion and division between the Bride of Christ which is the fruit of coming in agreement with the accuser of the brethren.

The Apostle John is recorded as praying for his friend,

3 Jn 1:2 "I pray that you may enjoy good health and all will go well with you
even as your soul is getting along well"

It is Biblical to pray for one another that we may enjoy good health and that indeed all will go well with us. It is also Biblical to expect God to answer our prayers, and so we can pray expecting God to prosper us and to keep us in good health. In the prayer Jesus taught us to pray he taught us to pray that we will recieve our daily provision. To be delivered from the evil one. To be filled with the Holy Spirit. He also told the disciples to pray for the sick, as well as telling us to obey all He had taught them to do.

What does it mean to ask God to provide our daily bread? It means to come to God with the expectation that he will indeed provide for all our needs as we ask him for them; whether they be spiritual, physical or even emotional needs. I believe that it is keeping in faith for us to expect things to go well for us; for God to answer our prayers, in that

  • The church plant to keep growing and be fruitful and effective.
  • Home group / cell group be fruitful and effective.
  • That all will go well in our families.
  • That all will go well in our work place or business so that we can provide for our families and be generous to others - or that we will get a job, pass our exams etc.
  • That God will grant us health / or heal us from illness
  • That we will have boldness, wisdom, knowledge etc
  • That we will grow in the fruit of the Spirit
and many more.

What it doesn't mean though is that we can expect God to answer our prayers based on greed, to prosper our own sinful nature, that he is some kind of a genie in that we only have to
rub the bottle the right way, or pray the right way, or.... what ever and he will do our bidding.

We have to ensure that our thoughts, our attitudes, our lives and our prayers, are lined up with Gods mind on the issue and then we can be sure that God will indeed answer our prayers.

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