Thursday, 21 February 2008

More doctors tests

Today I had to see the rehab specialist. Wow 6 weeks goes quick. It seems that the days blur into weeks which blur into months. Today I was having one of my more shaky days, which was good for the doctor actually saw me at my worst. Normally they have seen me at my best.

She has organised me to go for another brain and spin MRI scan, this time at a different location as she personally thinks the machine and personal at Liverpool are better at reading those type of scans. She has also organised for me to have more blood tests, checking for various things and comparing them to the last round of tests and to check cortisal, vascular and something else.

Then there will be another 3 hour test some time in the future which is going to test my brain how my brain functions. Its a bit of a psyc test as well, there could be a chance of early dementia -

"NO" pray not, I have only just turned 41.

However we still have to check it out to see what functions I do and don't have.


Gordon Cheng said...

Hey Craig

I pray that you may know God's love and care for you through Jesus at this time.

I'm sorry to hear of your continuing struggles.


Craig Bennett said...

Thanks Gordon.

I think part of going through struggles is in being honest within them; with self, others and God.

The times I do this my faith and trust grows in God.