Saturday, 16 February 2008

Movie Review - The Astronaut Farmer

Last night I hired a DVD and watched the Astronaut Farmer starring Billy Bob Thornton.

The story is about a Charles Farmer who works for NASA and has to leave his job to save his families ranch in Texas. Meanwhile he still has a dream to fly into space and with the help of his family he builds a rocket in his barn. All goes well until he tries to buy rocket fuel and suddenly finds the authorities breathing down his neck, the bank giving him 30 days before repossessing the farm and a media circus forming at his front gate.

In the course of the movie he tries to make his own fuel by mixing kerosene with another chemical and as a result when trying to take off the rocket falls over and takes off along the ground and he gets busted up pretty bad. Yet he picks himself up and some how tricks the authorities in buying the fuel he needed and does take off into space and comes back to earth again with the support of his family.

There was one poignant spot on the film where he is talking to his father in law who says,

"Charles, you might be crazy, but you have achieved a rare thing, you have got your whole family dreaming together with you on this one thing"

And this is what makes the movie work and makes it enjoyable to watch, and I have to say with a tinge of jealousy that indeed he was able to motivate his family to believe in him, to dream with him, to work alongside him encouraging him in his dream.

What do you dream of doing? Are you telling others about your dream and getting them to dream alongside you? Men, its important for us to dream, to have dreams to have visions, and its important for us to be encouraged to fulfill our dreams. Our job as men is to build up our families, our friendships and in building up our families and friendships we can share our dreams with them, speak about our dreams, encourage them in their own dreams and if we have done a real good job in building them up, then they too will come alongside us encouraging us to fulfill our dreams.

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