Saturday, 9 February 2008

My Birthday was on national cuddle day

Yesterday was national cuddle day, and it was also my B'day. Kaz links to it.

There is two things that I have done regularly with my boys. Which stems from the fact that I was 26 years old before I heard my own father say he loved me, and that was a few weeks before he died.

I have told them both this since the day they were born, taking them into my arms and giving them a big cuddle. Now they are older 5 & 8 my older son is standing beside me as I type wanting me to say that he actually turns 9 in June. They are not so prone to cuddles yet I still call them and tell them that there are 2 important things that I want them to remember.

1.) Dad loves you very much

2.) Dad likes you very much.

As he was standing beside me I thought I have to tell him again and so I did. his reply was, "I know what you are going to say, that you love me very much and that you like me very much"

And so my reply to him, is now don't you ever forget it.

Its interesting that he is here with me now, for we are talking about this, and he told me that he can't forget it, it is stuck in his mind.


Terry Delaney said...

Thank you for your testimony, brother. I can relate to your relationship with your dad (mine is not dead, but we didn't talk from the time I was 13-25). I, too, tell my boys each and every day that I love them. They are only 3 1/2 years, 20 months, and -6 days (one is due on the 14th!).

God bless you brother.

Craig Bennett said...

G'day Terry.

Thanks for dropping by and having a read.

I'm involved with a ministry in Australia called the Fatherhood Foundation whose ministry is to encourage Dads to be better dads, and husbands to be better husbands. It sends out a free weekly email newsletter.

If you are interested I can subscribe you to it, or give you the link so you can subscribe if thats better for you.

Blessings craig

Terry Delaney said...

By all means, sign me up!