Thursday, 21 February 2008

My son Samuel wrote this book review for home worktonight, he is only 8.

The book I am reading is called star wars dark warning.
It is written by Jude Watson. The book has 139 pages and so far I’ve read 24 pages. There are eighteen chapters and I’ve read three chapters.

The main characters are Obi-wan Kenobi, ferus Olin, Trevor, Boba fett and Dhahran.

Obi-wan and Ferus were looking around for Boba fett suddenly Fett came out from the shadows ready to destroy Obi-wan and Ferus. He flied around every where firing his gun Obi-wan and Ferus were jumping around everywhere swinging their lightsabers reflecting Fetts shots. Ferus and Obi-wan found shelter they will be safe under there for a little while.

Then they saw a ship Trevor was inside it they jumped into the ship Fett and Dhahran tried shooting them but it was to late the door had closed. Ferus looked out the window and saw that Fett and Dhahran were flying away in their ship. They had to chase after them.

And that’s all that I’ve read of star wars dark warning.

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