Monday, 11 February 2008

Seeing the neurologist today

I am seeing my neurologist today, for the first time since coming home from hospital. I must say I'm a little nervous about it. Some of the things I need to discuss with her are,

  1. When I walk in open places I tend to veer towards the right instead of walking straight ahead.
  2. I find it easy to walk along paths with a clearly defined pathway, but the other day I came across some crazy paving which made me a little anxious.
  3. When we went shopping my wife dropped me at the front of the shop to find parking. She found a spot 2 places away from the front door. When walking to the car, there was a large square drain with a grate over the top beside the car. I had a lot of trouble walking over it, trusting it.
  4. After I do a bit of work I tend to get shaky.
  5. My memory problems, I have trouble with both long term and short term memory. Some of this could be a result of depression, yet not all of it will be. It does get embarrassing at times to admit that you have no idea at times what a person is talking about, when it is obvious that I was there at the time...
  6. Not sleeping well, am tired most of the time, yet find it hard to sleep.

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