Thursday, 28 February 2008

Taking Things Seriously - You have been spotted

My first on the spot blogger / blog report is on a blogger whom I first noticed over a year ago commenting on Michael Jensen's Blog Michael is studying theology in England and many who comment on his blog are other students and the standard of commenting is very high in regards to understanding what has been blogged.

This particular commenter I have thought was either a student or professor because of the way he insightfully answers and asks further questions deeply probing into the issues. I have to admit that I have not had much to do with him on the blog apart from read his comments in awe and only recently found his blog and that though he is a professor of sorts, it has nothing to do with theology. Instead he is a particle physicist, who lives in Sydney Australia and is Bruce Yabsley

On his webpage he cites an impressive list of credentials as well as many essays, articles and mathematical equations that I have no idea what they mean, apart from the fact he is a very smart cookie and loves Jesus as well. He also has a great sense of humor, though possibly very dry. I have been checking out some of the links on his web that lead to some very interesting articles and blogs. Such as my previous post on the Sokal Hoax. I love that kind of humor - what a great link!

Another link on Bruces web leads to Insultingly Stupid Movie Physics Bruce says these guys need a sense of humor, which I agree - but it makes real interesting reading and I recommend it for all movie buffs to read through. Warning, do not try these experiments out at home!

I couldn't get the Doonsbury link to work, but check out The Onion America's finest news source - I love it! Next came his links to Goals, Meetings and Despair great pictures and make sure you read the captions underneath, they express the meaning of life ever so well.

Make sure you check out his list under the heading, The Final Frontier which leads to a whole heap of interesting links to N.A.S.A, Hubble and Spitzer Space Telescope.

Finally on his blog site, I enjoyed reading his piece about the Australian Government saying Sorry.

Bruce Yabsley you have been spotted.


Bruce Yabsley said...

Craig thank you for the link, and for your kind remarks.

You should also find that the Doonesbury link works now: at some point the trailing "index.htm" I was using went from being necessary to being a problem. Hmm. I try to check my home page for link rot every six months or so, but had somehow missed that one ...

Craig Bennett said...

My pleasure Bruce.

I'll go and check Doonesbury out.