Wednesday, 20 February 2008

Writing, paper and pens and other trivial stuff.

I try and journal every day, both in my diary and in a exercise book when I write too much for the page. Have you ever picked up a pen and started writing with it and found it is either too faint, to heavy or something else is not quite right about it, but you continue using it any way?

Perhaps it is just me?

Yesterday this happened to me and I continued using it, and again today I used it, and mid way through my journaling, "Thought this is crazy" and went to the kitchen to get another one. Which works perfect.

I did say in my heading this was trivial stuff.

Another annoying thing is when oil from your skin stains or marks the pages you are trying to write on and the pen just does not work. So you try a few pens before you find one that works and you either forget the inspired line you were trying to write, or it was a note you were writing to someone and you have to redo the whole thing again because of the messy writing.

And finally

Don't you hate it when you want to print something out, and find 1/2 way through the print job you either run out of paper or ink, or the printer grabs more then one page and it prints 1/2 way down one page and one the other half of the next. It usually happens to me when I am printing both sides and am on the second run and of course it means the page numbers are out of sync.

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