Saturday, 29 March 2008


There is an interesting discussion going on at the moment on the Aussie Christians Forum

I made the following comment.

I would say that any and every form of altruism stems from selfish motives.
Whereas a true form / act of love performed for the good of others has no selfish motive and by it's act cannot be considered a form of altruism. Note I said a true form of love.

Forgiveness for example can fall into both a loving or altruistic category depending on the reason it is offered by the offerer. Giving, generosity, marriage or the act of living in any form of community is the same.

So using the above definitions I would say that altruism has a evolutionary aspect to it. Though I suspect Tom and I may disagree about our terms and understanding of evolution.

My use of the term means that we try / learn / evolve in an altruistic fashion to appease our conscience which stems from a selfish attitude in that my concern for you is under girded by my needing to appease my self in some way or form.

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