Saturday, 29 March 2008

Daddy rumbles and family time

This morning, well mid morning to be exact while my wife made the bed one of the boys asked, "Dad can we have a daddy rumble?" to which the other also chimed in. Now it wasn't exactly the best timing as Rosie was just finishing smoothing down the cover and I said "YES!"

So on our bed we jumped, we fought with the pillows , tickled each other, jumped and pinned each other down. With great humor my wife decided to get in on the act by letting the dog into the house, through the front door near our bedroom. Nitro is a near 6 month old Bull Arab pup, and is a disaster on legs, big, heavy, muscularly clumsy thing it is.

So it dived right in, onto the bed with us, licking, biting - well not really biting - it has this thing where it puts my forearm into its mouth and just holds it. The result was that the kids just stopped and laughed themselves silly, my wife was laughing and here I was rolling around on the bed with the big lump of a dog trying to stop it from licking my face.

Needless to say the neatly made bed became a shambles, the sheets and pillow cases needed re-washing for they stunk of dog and had hair all over them. Yet it was a small price to pay for the sheer fun of time together, and that it had us all in stitches for a while laughing at each other and the ridiculousness of having the dog join in.


Terry Delaney said...

Don't you just love those moments?! I look forward to those wrestle times each day. Unfortunately, they are tempered by having to correct the boys on a fairly regular basis, but they are so enjoyable.

Craig Bennett said...

Yes I do. Its something we try and do on a regular basis and I try and make sure I pray and read the Bible with the boys at bedtime each night.

I tell my boys that with my hands I will hold you, cuddle you, tickle you, play with you and smack you - but what ever I do I love you.

I don't mind mess which is opposed to uncleanliness. We try to ensure that the games room is tidied on a daily basis - which gives us the freedom of mind to know that it has been cleaned up - though sometime later it could easily get messy again.

A good friend of mine was a cleaning freak who needed to keep her house clean and after her first child found she could still keep her home clean. Then she had twins and suddenly it hit her, as long as I clean the room once a day - I know I have cleaned my house and it gave her so much freedom and peace of mind.