Wednesday, 12 March 2008

Finding what you have been looking for

During the class lecture on Wednesday 26th August 2007, Dreu Harrison a philosophy lecturer said,

When we find God, we find what we are looking for!
When we find what we are looking for we don’t like it!

This quote made me laugh and write it down, for it explains a lot about human nature. Scripture says that “God moves through, in, and over all things”( Eph 4:6) and that “eternity is written upon our hearts” (Ecc 3:11). This describes the constant shifting and seeking in our lives to find what satisfies us, while consistently failing to do so. We buy the new car, the new house, the new ring, suite of clothes, new job, seeking that promotion, and even a new partner. We seek the next experience which appeases the appetite for a short time, burying the uneasiness – while knowing that deep within we are still not fulfilled.

There is a process of finding God – and it really is not that we have found him, for God has never moved; rather, we become aware of his reality in our life as he draws us to himself. Jesus told his disciples that the Holy Spirit will convince us of our sinfulness, of the truth and our need for Christ (John 16:8) and it is he who slowly makes us aware of the Godless void within us. A void that is crying out to be filled.

Then when we discover God is that only person who can fill that void, we discover that we don’t like what we have found; for God beckons us to die, to lay our lives down for him – and we are no longer free to seek our own way, rather to continually allow God’s Spirit his way in our life. This creates a constant tension of the now and the not yet, of knowing God and yearning to know him more, to have more of him in our lives, never satisfied with yesterday’s presence, not satisfied with today’s presence, looking forward to tomorrow with the yearning for the of eternity still burning brighter in our hearts, coupled with a contentment of truly knowing that we have truly found what we were looking for.

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