Friday, 7 March 2008

I'm Excited

My wife has gone away for a few days with a bunch of women to a womans conference called "Color your World, hosted by Hillsong Church. Now I know many of my readers don't particularly like Hillsong and don't think any thing good can come out of it - thats a pity.

This morning while talking to my wife, she told me how Bobbie Houston for the opening session and spoke about having a wounded spirit and what should be done about it. I'm excited because many people do carry wounds, emotional baggage, un-forgiveness, bitterness etc which holds them back from truly experiencing freedom in Christ.

I'm excited because my wife knows she is not the only one hurt by past experiences, that she is around Christians who are taking their masks off, confessing their sins and hurts to one another and allowing Christ to minister to their hidden pain, instead of walking in and out of church pretending that all is OK.

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