Monday, 3 March 2008

Paul and the Narrative Story

I have been thinking through the issues of Paul and the narrative story told by Luke. It is commonly said that Acts should not be used for doctrinal purposes mainly by those speaking against the Charismatic movement.

I believe this is wrong and that Paul needs to be read alongside the Luken story. Luke was a contemporary of Paul and most likely Paul was a source for a lot of his information within the Gospel - and the source for the early part of Acts through to the end where Luke was a continual witness. We might say that Luke was Paul's historian / autobiographical writer and therefore we need to understand Paul in light of Luke and indeed I would say that we cannot understand Paul his ministry and his theology without watching him through the eyes of Luke.

This then creates a tension which favors Charismatic theology over Cessationist and more Conservative theology and perhaps even may throw a few spanners in the works regarding some Calvinistic doctrine in regards to the work of the Holy Spirit in regeneration / election where Luke records how the Holy Spirit works in bringing people to faith, alongside the Apostles preaching.

I shall have to ponder some more about this, what are your thoughts?

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