Thursday, 27 March 2008

Vintage Jesus

I won the book Vintage Jesus in a blogging competition by Adrian Warnock a few weeks ago. The book finally arrived in the mail today and so far has been a good read.

I like the final summary paragraph in his chapter regarding Jesus being passionate.
In summary, the Jesus of Marks Gospel is not fitting for old ladies in hats and men in suits like those we see at church. Rather than handing out communion at church, if he was to show up, the men would need cups and the women boxes of tissues and flak jackets because the real Jesus is passionate and nothing like the Lobotomized Lord of the Thomas Kinkade paintings.1
Mark Driscoll and Gerry Breshears Vintage Jesus: Timeless Answers to Timely Questions (Crossway Books, Illinois, 2007) p.44


Gordon Cheng said...

Congratulations Craig!

Hope you are going well.


Craig Bennett said...

Thanks Gordon.

I finished it today, but will need to read through it again more thoroughly.

I'm doing OK. I went to the doctor yesterday and for another MRI scan today.

One of the things I have to watch out for is to ensure I don't get over tired as it doesn't do my thinking much good.

A professor told my doctor that it could take 2 years to recover and therefore it may be one of those things I need to patiently wait out.

Unfortunately though they have labeled what I have as Viral Encephalitis's. It's more a name they gave it for the sake of having to label it then really diagnosing what it is or what type of virus caused it.

The depression has lifted heaps since I started talking about it and the frustration that the sickness has caused.

I have found the psalms have been a great help and source of inspiration my favorites being 91 & 103.