Sunday, 6 April 2008

"...Failure to success in selling" - and how we evangelise today

Gordon Cheng made a interesting post about a book written by Frank Bettger

"How I raised myself from failure to success in selling"

That was one of the books that was compulsory reading when I did my insurance sales training.
I probably still have a copy or two over at my mums.

I have forgotten what the other one was, it was written by the founder of the company. I still remember today the words they taught us in overcoming objections to people who didn't want to buy a policy. What was worse is that they actually worked and people actually bought policies they didn't want.

In a way I wonder if the same kind of thing happens at times in our evangelism. We learn a method by rote - whether it be the two ways to live - The 4 spiritual laws or other. We learn how to overcome peoples objections and then through our selling technique we have them pray the sinners prayer and pat our selves on the back for another policy sold.

Yet how effective is this for making a deep heart felt decision for Christ, where the person truly becomes convicted of their sins and the need for Christ.
I see a danger where sometimes our evangelism could be based on the need to make another sale and not on the eternal needs of the person.

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