Tuesday, 1 April 2008

Feeding the Trolls.

There seems to be a bit of a concerted effort by the trolls in debating / trashing the doctrine of the Trinity through out blogdom at the moment. I have taken a comment Josh made to one such troll and unashamedly I am taking it as it is for my own stock standard response.

Since you are such an expert in church history and patristic theology, you ought to know that nearly everything you have said has been said before by Arians, semi-Arians, Apollinarians, Pelagians, and Nestorians, with lengthy response dissertations published by the Fathers, and later, since Socinians and Anabaptists raised many of the same issues, the Reformers. If you are familiar with this, then you are trolling. If you are not, then I commend you to the classical texts by Athanasius, Cyril, John of Damascus, and Martin Chemnitz, since I will not waste my time repeating what has been discussed at length in much better books than I could write. That should keep you busy.
I would recommend you scroll down the comments to see the full comment he made about them both making the same old - same old stock standard arguments and responses.

Well said Josh.

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