Friday, 25 April 2008

Its A.N.Z.A.C Day - lest we forget

It's Anzac day today in Australia.

My grandfather William (Bill) was born on the 14/11/1896 and served our country in World War 1. He and his brother joined the army march as it passed through their home town of Gundagai on the 19/8/1915. He was initially sent to Egypt as part of the 3rd Battalion and joined the 5th on the 21/4/1916.

They were sent to France and fought at the battle of the Somme. Bill spent much time at Flanders Field and eventually they march into France on the 1/5/1919 where he eventually became discharged from the army back home in Australia on the 17/10/1919 four years later.
He was quiet about the war years and rarely spoke about them and when the 2nd world war broke out he refused to consider rejoining. He and his brother John became reasonably wealthy on the ship on the way home as they ran the two up games.

The only two things he told me about the war was that if a bullet missed by a 1mm it might as well have missed by a mile. The other was a time when an officer told him to construct an officers toilet. So he did and as he walked away from it the Germans fired an artillery round and blew it up. On reporting it to the officer he was curtly told "Well put it up again"
So he did and of course as he walked away the Germans fired another round blowing it up. After they blew it up the 3rd time the officer said "Don't put it up again, we ain't going to use it"

He died on the 27/11/1988 aged 92.

It's good to remember our past generations, especially to honor those who went to war to fight for freedom, many of whom never came back. A.N.Z.A.C day is good for us to celebrate, not for the sake of war glorifying in it - rather so that we can remember the horrors of it. Remind our selves of the cost of freedom. Hence the slogan "Lest we forget" is a good reminder of why.

As a Christian I think this is a slogan all Christian should take on board. "Lest we forget" Sunday is a time to remember what Christ done for us. He volunteered to come to earth, casting aside the power of His divinity, being humbled to live and experience the full limitations of being a human. Being tired, hungry, rejected as well as knowing what it is to be loved by a parent - to have good friends.

Christ went to war for us. He waged war in the heavenly realms so that we could have peace with God. He payed the ultimate price and made the ultimate sacrifice for you and me so that we could have freedom from sin. So that we could come into a relationship freely without any fear with the living God.

May every morning we wake up, spend time thinking about the cross, speaking to our living God - Lest we forget.

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