Thursday, 3 April 2008

Pray for Mike Rayson's son.

Mike Rayson is a mate of mine and a itinerant evangelist / musician and is currently ministering in the USA. His son Ollie was attacked by a dog and hurt badly by it.
Ollie has gone home with 29 puncture wounds from his shoulders to his ankles with two lacerations where the flesh was ripped away and they had to stitch up. He has just gotten home. He is majorly shaken up and was saying on the way to the hospital "I am going to die" which is not far fetched for a little boy who watched his brother have an incident with an animal and die.
He is bruised on about 75% of his body and is EXTREMELY sore. He can hardly move without being in pain
Please pray for him, Mike and his wife Amy and other daughter. They lost a son last year through being kicked in the chest by a horse.

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