Friday, 11 April 2008

Ten Years - Roseanne Catt

I just finished reading this book which tells the terrible story of a lady given 12 years goal for a crime she didn't commit.

I like to think that in Australia we have a good justice system. Admittedly not a perfect one - but still good nonetheless. Her story tells a different story. It paints a picture of how our justice system does or at least did not truly have rehabilitation in mind. And it tells the story of how if someone with some authority in the system have something against you they can bury you without you even knowing your rights.

I believe every Christian needs to read this. We should be interested in justice and in rehabilitation, for the Christian message is one of Justice and Rehabilitation. In my view there is not much difference between sanctification and rehabilitation. Therefore our view towards justice and rehabilitation should be the same that we view our sanctification and that the end result should be towards changing lives and not making them worse.
She shares the horrific story of drugs, suicide, depression and corruption within the prison system.

Roseanne's story rubs against every thing within me that is Australian. We like to give people a fair go. We like to think that our nation is a nation that gives us all a fair go.
Fair Dinkum mate
is one of my favorite sayings. And it pains me to have read how not every Australian has been Fair Dinkum.

I have been encouraged to read her story of not giving up in difficult circumstances.


christopher vikas said...

I have also read this book, and I immensely appreciate Roseanne telling her dreadful story, even though questionably ending in a happy ending, it has inspired me to further look into Australia's 'justice system'. Roseanne Catt's book is a story of her true triumph in the belief that justice will be done, and she has inspired me to learn about God and my faith in religion. She really is a wonderful, honest person and I appreciate her so much after reading this book.

Craig Bennett said...

G'day Christopher.

It certainly is a terrible story! Thanks for commenting.

craig b