Wednesday, 2 April 2008

Update on health

I saw the specialist last Thursday and had another MRI scan done on Friday. I'm waiting for the results of that to come back and we don't think any thing will come of it. I have to go and get my eyes checked sometime next week to see if that could be the trouble with my judging distances.

I went of the antidepressants some time back as the metallic taste in my mouth was too much and they made me gad when taking them. I have found that being able to talk about the frustrations of the whole thing has actually helped a great deal and don't suffer it as bad now.

I have put the walking stick aside for now and am trying to concentrate on walking without it as much as possible. My strength is increasing slightly. Yesterday I was able to dig a bit more in the garden and made a garden bed for the winter veggies. I'm thinking of planting cauliflower in this bed. Need to make some more up. Little by little wins the race.

I found myself talking to the Lord today saying that even with all the frustrations of being sick, I would not have missed the journey God has taken me for any thing. My trust in Him has deepened, the depth of community at church and with others has increased. Not only mine, my wife as well.
Last Sunday a couple repeated to us what many others have said in that we had brought much encouragement to them in the way we have handled the whole thing. Yet this encouragement is a 3 way street. The Lord encourages us through others as well as through His word and allows us to encourage others.
I truly don't know how any one can get through sickness without being involved in a strong community and knowing God is in control.


Terry Delaney said...

Have you ever heard of Joni Erikson Tada?

I will continue to pray for you and your family brother.

Paul said...

Peace be with you, Craig.

Craig Bennett said...

I have read her book Terry, what an awesome testimony.

Thanks Paul.

Praise God - I received my MRI results back today. They were clear as expected. This means that it is not MS, nor is most likely dementia related - though there is one kind of dementia can only be found through autopsy.