Thursday, 24 April 2008

We are building a backyard aquacultural system.

For some years now I have been interested in raising edible fish in the back yard. But up till recently thought it was a unrealistic idea. Recently I have come across some interesting websites that is all about backyard aquaculture, which makes the idea a realistic one.

Basically the premise is to reticulate the water the fish live in through some gravel filled containers that are used as garden beds to convert the waste in the water into healthy vegetables, cleansing and aerating the water back into the fish tanks where the process begins again.
The fish and food waste in the water produces ammonia - which is extremely toxic to fish. This toxins when processed through gravel filled garden beds change into a nitrate form, which when processed by bacteria in the gravel produces nitrogen which causes leafy greens to grow extremely well.
It has been our plan for many years now to put in a fish pond at the side of the house and I have been interested in building it as a rather longish feature along the driveway which continues up the back which is also on a slope. This feature would look like a series of small gardens and ponds that would cause the water to flow down the garden into the main pond/ponds and would be at least 2o meters in length. Though it would be a rather narrow 300 to 500mm wide for about 10 meters as it came down beside the drive way where it opens up to a larger area.

This time of year council have a annual kerbside clean up and I'm looking out for a discarded pool liner which I can use for the pond linings. Being a scrounger / collector has been a boon for me as I have in my mums garage a Bio - cycle waste pump, float switch and aerator from when we connected to the town sewerage back in 1999. The waste pump may need some seals replaced but I'm sure the servicing of it will be much cheaper than it would be to buy a new one.

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